You’ve probably heard of exterior wash-in oil, which is a mild soap that is an excellent option for cleaning oiled outdoor surfaces. It will penetrate the wood and add extra oil to the surface, providing additional protection for up to six weeks. Exterior wash-in oil is one of many products that can help you maintain the beauty of your outdoor space. But which one is right for you? Read on to learn more. This article will give you a few options.

Jensen Outdoor Care Products

If you have Jensen Outdoor furniture, you probably want to learn how to care for them to ensure they last as long as possible. These pieces are made of high-quality, environmentally friendly wood and are crafted with careful craftsmanship. To ensure this, they use FSC Certified wood. In addition, the company uses only wood from well-managed forests and follows environmental-friendly harvesting practices. The craftsmanship and engineering behind Jensen Outdoor furniture are second to none. Their designs are timeless and feature a blend of engineering, innovation, and creativity.

Using the right Jensen Outdoor care products can help preserve the finish and maintain the ‘as new’ appearance of your furniture. You can choose to use Levels 1-3 of the Care Levels Guide to determine the right treatment for your furniture. While cleaning your outdoor furniture with a cleaning solution is a good idea, stains can result from prolonged contact with oils, wine, or any other substance. For this reason, it is important to follow instructions from Level 4: Revive. If you choose to go with this care level, you can restore the ‘as new’ finish of your Jensen Outdoor furniture.

To protect your Jensen Outdoor furniture from the sun and weather, you need to apply a quality wood-care product to keep the finish protected and looking its best. Penofin Verde oil is an excellent choice for this purpose. This product protects the wood from UV rays while allowing it to develop a beautiful silver patina over time. While Ipe wood is naturally stable, you may experience minor checks on the surface of the wood, especially if it’s exposed to a dry or sunny environment. Once this happens, these superficial checking marks will disappear. Penofin products should not be applied to the wood when it’s hot to touch or frozen.

Ciranova’s Wood Shield

The DSM company recently announced the successful incorporation of Discovery SP-2022 XP into its Domotex 2020 outdoor maintenance products. The wood stain is a natural oil-based pearlescent color with tinting capabilities, specifically formulated for use outdoors. It also includes VALTTI COLOR EXTRA, a tintable gloss wood stain for exterior use. For more information on these products, visit

Jensen’s Exterior Wood Primer

Whether you’re building a new home or redecorating an old one, you’ll want to prime bare exterior wood to ensure its durability and longevity. The right primer can help you decide on the look and feel of your exterior wood for years to come. Here are some tips on how to prime exterior wood. First, you should consider the type of wood on your exterior. Cedar, for instance, has a lot of chemicals. These chemicals can bleed through several coats of exterior paint. That’s why it’s critical to prime wood surfaces before painting.

To protect wood siding from stains, use an exterior wood primer. This water-based primer blocks tannin stains from all woods, including redwood, cedar, and bleeding wood. The formula is specially formulated to give superior adhesion and is water-based for low-temperature applications. Besides blocking tannin stains, it also provides excellent adhesion, which is vital when painting exterior wood. However, it’s best to test the product before buying it.

After priming your exterior wood, you can paint it. Primers allow the paint to adhere to wood more tightly and better resist moisture. However, they are boring. Without primer, your customers may not be happy with your finished project. For this reason, it’s best to invest in a high-quality exterior wood primer. And remember: if you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to ask for advice from professionals.

Ace’s Exterior Wash-in Oil

If you’re considering purchasing Ace’s Exterior Wash-in Oil for your home, consider some of the benefits of this product. It offers superior coverage, anti-algal property, and better washability than its Asian rival. It also comes in more colors and boasts a higher sight than its competitor. Both brands can save you a bundle on your cooling bills by ensuring your air conditioners run more efficiently.

Ace’s Leaf Blower

Fall leaves pile up in your yard and can be unsightly and hazardous. Ace Hardware offers gas and electric leaf blowers in various power ratings to tackle routine and seasonal yard maintenance tasks; alternately, you can consider husqvarna products by YRCO. It’s easy to use this power tool and saves you time and money. Leaf blowers come in different styles and sizes to fit your needs. Choose from models designed for residential or commercial use. Listed below are some tips for selecting the right one for your yard.

Before purchasing a leaf blower, consider the space you’ll be cleaning. For smaller areas, you may only need a handheld cordless leaf vacuum. For larger areas, you may want to invest in a battery-powered blower. Backpack leaf blowers are convenient for longer clearing sessions. Choose a blower according to the CFM (cubic feet per minute) rating and the maximum speed (mph).

If you’re looking for a cordless blower, try the BLACK+DECKER Cordless Sweeper, which weighs less than four pounds and is 20 inches long. It is battery-powered and can deliver up to 130 MPH of airspeed. This tool can work at high speeds, and it can be a good choice for homeowners on a budget. It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver.