Having a beautiful lawn is a must for every homeowner, but how can you get it to look as good as it deserves? Luckily, you can take a few steps to make your lawn look great. The first step is to keep the weeds at bay. This can be done by using mulch or a compost-based fertilizer. Next, you can mow and prune the lawn. Finally, you can water and aerate the lawn to improve the appearance.


One of my favorite aspects of owning the golden gate is the opportunity to play golf on the green. Taking a few swings at the tee has never been this much fun. The only downside is the dreaded drought which has to be dealt with. To keep the grass healthy you’ll need to spend a few bucks on fertilizer and a sprinkler. Fortunately, Houston lawn care has a name to trust. As with most things in life, you can get your money’s worth by shopping around. Taking the best available rates and doing a little homework you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood.


Lawn fertilizer is an important tool for keeping your grass healthy. But not all fertilizers are created equal. Before you buy a new fertilizer, learn about the different kinds of fertilizers.

Nitrogen is a crucial nutrient for lawns. It helps to create the chlorophyll, which is the green pigment found in grass. It also aids in root growth.

Phosphorus is an equally important nutrient for most yards. It helps to protect the grass against droughts and extreme temperatures. It also fights disease.

There are several types of organic fertilizers to choose from. These are safer than conventional fertilizers, but they are more expensive. Keep in mind that organic fertilizers tend to work more slowly. Therefore, you need to measure your lawn carefully. Make sure you get a quality spreader to apply the fertilizer properly.

Another type of fertilizer you may consider is a slow-release granular fertilizer. These products have small granular sizes that allow for better coverage. They work well for lawns with strong roots. They can also be used on new lawns. However, they require more frequent application.

Another option is a liquid fertilizer. These can be used on new lawns or for quick fixes. But they should not be used on frozen ground. If you are using this type of fertilizer, it is best to water your lawn before applying it. This helps to ensure that the fertilizer has an opportunity to soak into the soil.


Aeration is a simple and effective process that will help your lawn look greener and healthier. Aerating your lawn allows more oxygen and water to reach the roots of your grass. It also breaks up thatch, a thick layer of decomposing organic matter that prevents air and water from reaching the root zones.

Aeration is an excellent way to remove thatch and create spaces for new grass to grow. However, aerating is not an overnight process. It requires a little patience and care. It is important to remember that aeration is best performed during the growing season.

If your lawn is suffering from compacted soil, it is time to have it aerated. If you have a lot of foot traffic or live in a cold climate, it is recommended that you have your lawn aerated at least twice a year.

The most common types of aerators are spike aerators and core aerators. These are similar to a lawnmower in that they use a spike to poke holes in the ground. However, spike aerators do not penetrate as deep as core aerators.

Regardless of whether you decide to aerate your lawn yourself or hire a professional, aerating is a good way to keep it healthy. It also helps reduce weeds and prevent disease from spreading.

Before you aerate your lawn, you should first measure the area where it is needed. For example, if your lawn has a circular shape, you can use a shallow bowl to measure the distance between the two edges of the lawn. Once you have found the appropriate distance, you can begin aerating.

Mowing patterns

If you want your lawn to look great and keep it healthy, you may want to consider mowing patterns. These are not only fun to do, but they can also boost your property’s value.

The most common pattern is stripes, but there are other designs you might consider. These include checkerboards, arches, zigzags, and wave patterns. Changing your pattern every two to three mows can help you maintain your lawn’s health, curb appeal, and overall appearance.

You don’t need to hire a lawn mowing service to make these patterns. Corded or cordless mowers are preferable by many to do so. There are kits available that will provide you with instructions and tools to do it yourself. You can even buy striping kits online.

In order to make a checkerboard, you will need to mow a series of stripes back and forth, starting with a diagonal stripe that goes down the center of the lawn. You will then continue with another stripe perpendicular to the first, and then a final pass around the perimeter.

If you’re interested in creating a zigzag or a spiral, you will need to create a clean edge on your garden or yard before you begin. This allows for the grass to bend at the correct angle.

Alternating circles on your lawn is an easy way to make your lawn look amazing. The first few circles should be perfect. As you continue, you’ll need to grow the circles in size.


Pruning your lawn is a necessary evil, but one that is not necessarily a bad thing. Aside from preventing insect damage, pruning also helps keep your lawn looking great. Using the right tools is the key to success. Leaving clippings to dry up and decompose is not the best idea. It will take a while to grow new leaves and you may be left with a dead plant on your hands.

The best time to prune your lawn is during the dormancy season. While it isn’t recommended to do it during the winter months, if you can, do it while the weather is warm. Getting rid of branches that have grown too big for their britches will promote a healthier looking lawn.

The most important rule of thumb is to cut your branches at least a quarter to half an inch above the node. While this may seem like a bit of work, it will pay off in the long run. For instance, the resulting new shoots will look better if they are a uniform height. While you are at it, be sure to make a clean cut. And for the really serious gardeners out there, be sure to use pruning gloves. If you don’t, the chances are good that you’ll end up with a nasty burn. And for the love of all that is green, a plant with a healthy branch structure is far more appealing than a deformed limb.

Keeping weeds at bay

Keeping weeds at bay is one of the best ways to keep your lawn looking good. Not only do weeds look ugly, but they can also be harmful to your lawn and home. In addition, they can decrease your property value.

Some of the most common weeds include chickweed, dandelions, and wild onions. These are broadleaf weeds, meaning they have wide leaves. If you have a lot of these weeds, it might be a good idea to treat your lawn with a pre-emergent herbicide in early spring.

Another good way to prevent weeds is to add mulch to your yard. This will prevent sunlight from reaching underground weed seeds. The added mulch will also improve your soil and retain moisture.

If you’re trying to find the most effective weed control method, it’s important to choose one that is as least-impactful as possible. You might want to consider using vinegar to kill weeds. However, this is not as effective as a herbicide because it is not built to work in the root system.

If you’re going to use a weed killer, it’s important to follow the instructions on the label. In addition, it’s important to dispose of the herbicide responsibly.

Other options for weed control are boiling water and salt. Fortunately, these are not as toxic to plants and animals as other herbicides. This is because salt changes the salinity of the soil.