These are two famous genres of painting. For a long time, artists have been following these two methods in their creative works. Well, what are the differences between realistic and abstract art paintings? Here is our guide to these forms of art and painting. This article will tell you;

What is realistic painting?

And, what is abstract art?

Realistic Painting:The movement of realism has its roots in the late 1800s. And, it was largely supported by artists of the early 1900s as well. Today, realistic painting is one of mainstream forms of painting. What is realistic painting? Its name itself defines it. It is a sort painting that focuses on the everyday life and activities of human beings. Both hardships and pleasance of life come under focus in realistic paintings.

The painting above is from Winslow Homer in 1885. It is a typical example of realism as it demonstrates the real life of a group of fishermen. It doesn’t have anything religious or royal. Put it simply, realistic painting is an artistic effort to exhibit everyday life – what the artist sees in front of his eyes –through colors and brushstrokes.

Abstract Art: Abstract art means simple representation of things through abstract and unreal images and scenes. It doesn’t copy the reality as it is in realistic paintings; instead, it just portrays things in some vague images, lines, colors and shapes. History of abstract art is hugely related with the arrival of camera. After the technological advance in imaging, there has not been much need to portray real objects in paintings. It was largely done by cameras.

So, art turned to a new way as well. This is what later named abstract art. It is nice to see an abstract art painting. At a glance, you may feel a kind of absurdity with an abstract artwork. But, it has some sense and meaning in its own way, which has its existence more in the eyes of a viewer, rather than its creator. The below painting “Woman” from Willem de Kooning is a typical example for abstract art painting.