Artworks are precious like jewelry. It took great effort and talent just to create one piece of art. They also do not come cheap, especially if it was done by the masters.

Even artwork from new artists can be considered as priced possession. You took great lengths to display your art piece. You spared no expense at ensuring that the lighting and the condition in your place are well-balanced to preserve the artwork. Now, another question comes to mind. Do you need pest control for your art? We sought the help of Pest Control Charlotte NC – to give us an insight about pest control for art works. They revealed that there are factors to consider to identify the need for pest control. We enumerated them below.

Pests In The Area

You need to ask yourself the following, “What are the pests doing in my area and do they affect my artworks?” When we say art works, it does not only refer to paintings. We also include other forms of art such as basketry, textiles, and sculptures. Pests do not usually infest the artworks, but their storage places could be susceptible. So, you need to check for signs of pests and take action accordingly.

Materials Used In Your Art Work

The materials used in your artworks are usually the basis of identifying the pests that can damage it. The information on materials used to make the artwork and the storage practices will help in deciding what the proper pest control strategy to use.

Type of Pest Control To Be Used

Pest control must be custom-fitted to your requirements to be effective. What works for others, may not work for you especially if the pests, conditions, and artworks differ. You need to consult with a pest control expert to assess and recommend the right pest solution for you. Here are some important changes that must be done to control pests:

  • Environment Change – This involves changing the physical structure of the place where you store your artworks. There could be a need to repair cracks and vents around your premises. It is basically making hard for pests to enter your space.
  • Habits Change – This includes slight shifts in the way you work and eat around the area where you store your artwork. Simple changes like cleaning up thoroughly after eating will keep crawlers, such as cockroaches and ants, away.

You also need to decide which treatment you like to use. Some pest treatment needs chemicals to be effective, while some pests can be dealt with by using non-chemical means. If chemical options are used, make sure that it will not have adverse effects on humans. Most pest control companies offer organic or non-toxic chemicals to eradicate pests. Choose pest control providers that have this capability to lessen exposure to harmful chemicals. Another thing to consider is whether the pest control application will not cause damage to the artworks. A pest control professional is well-trained to handle this matter, so it is advisable to consult them to avoid damaging your art pieces.