Adding modern features to your bathroom renovations can instantly boost its look and feel. Whether you choose to incorporate nature-inspired elements or energy-efficient upgrades, these simple ideas can elevate your bathroom.

Simplicity is key when it comes to modern design, so you’ll want your remodeled bathroom to be clean and uncluttered. This means ensuring all storage items are tucked away and out of sight, such as with concealed shelving.

1. Neutral Colors

The color choices you make for your home are a big part of the overall feel of the space. You can go with vibrant colors that create a bold statement or opt for a more muted shade to give your room a more neutral look. Neutral colors can offer a versatile backdrop that allows you to more easily experiment with textiles and decor in bolder hues without overwhelming your eyes or the space.

When deciding on your color palette, it’s important to choose shades that are timeless. Trendy shades might make your room pop, but they can also go out of style quickly. Timeless tones are less likely to quickly lose their appeal and will continue to work for you long after the latest trends fade.

When choosing a neutral shade, you should consider the amount of natural light in your room and whether you prefer warmer or cooler tones. Cooler tones can make a room feel more calm and relaxing, while warm shades will add a cozy feeling to your space.

You’ll also want to take note of any undertones your neutral paint might have. Some shades might have gray or blue undertones, while others may have beige or yellow undertones. If you have a lot of neutrals with gray or blue undertones, you can mix and match them to find the perfect combination for your space.

Once you have your paint color picked, you can start sifting through the fabric and decor options at your local DFW-area hardware store to see what catches your eye. While you might initially be drawn to a patterned sofa or textured chair, remember that your mind can only handle so much power at once. If you pair your neutral walls with a striped sofa and dashes of brick red in your decorative pieces, your room might start to feel too busy.

2. Two-Toned Walls

Two-toned walls are a modern paint trend that can instantly add personality to any space. This style is commonly inspired by horizontal molding, but there are plenty of ways to get the look without any fancy millwork.

One option is to use a light shade on the top half of the wall with a darker shade on the bottom half. This creates a visual height difference and makes rooms seem bigger. It also prevents an abrupt finish line between the wall and ceiling, which can make ceilings feel lower than they are. Another way to use this technique is by painting the walls a dark color and the trim a lighter shade. This gives a sleek and sophisticated look and makes rooms appear larger, especially when the trim is painted in a glossier finish than the walls.

You can also use two neutral shades to achieve a similar effect. This looks great in bedrooms, as it creates a relaxing and calming atmosphere. Alternatively, you can go bolder and paint the bottom half of the wall with a bright shade. This is a great way to accent a focal point in the room, such as a fireplace, window, or piece of artwork.

If you are unsure what colors will work well together, try playing around with tester pots on a piece of cardboard or directly on the wall. It’s important to determine where you want your demarcation line to be and mark this with a tape measure or pencil before you start painting. Then once you’ve let the first color dry, remove the tape before you start to paint the second color.

This style is very versatile and works in any room of the home. It can be used in bathrooms to highlight an accent tile or to help visually lift the ceiling, as well as in kitchens and living rooms where a warm, cozy feel is desired.

3. Angled Ceiling

Whether you’re remodeling a half bath or upgrading your primary bathroom, modern style is a sleek and sophisticated choice. This elegant design incorporates natural materials, clean lines and minimal clutter to transform bathrooms into luxurious sanctuaries for relaxation. Brisbane bathroom renovation by the leading company The Bathroom and Tiling Specialists incorporates a lot of these in their remodels.

Using geometric shapes, neutral or basic colors, and few decorative flourishes is one of the main hallmarks of modern style. You can easily bring these elements into your own bathroom renovation by incorporating some of the following popular trends.

A textured backsplash or floor tile is an excellent option for creating visual interest in your bathroom. You can also add a bold splash of color by selecting a saturated hue, like red or blue (as seen in this bathroom designed by Shawn Henderson), that’s sure to catch the eye.

Recessed ceiling lights offer ambient lighting and create a sleek look. Installing these lights around the perimeter of your bathroom, as shown in this example from Houzz, helps brighten your space while adding a touch of contemporary flair.

Modern bathroom design often includes a freestanding tub, as this example from M House shows. The angular shape of this tub serves as a focal point in the room and complements the linear pattern of the tile behind it. The modern-inspired stool and natural flowers on the windowsill complete this sleek and sophisticated bathroom remodel.

The fixtures in a bathroom should match the style of the rest of the room. Choosing faucets with minimalistic hardware and a sleek silhouette is a good way to stay true to modern style. You can further refine your bathroom’s modern aesthetic by choosing wall-mount or deck-mounted faucets.

While it might seem counterintuitive, using a dark shade of paint can make your bathroom appear larger and more spacious. Dark shades of gray, navy blue, and hunter green are common choices for a modern bathroom.

4. Enclosed Storage

The most successful bathroom designs are ones that make the room feel comfortable and welcoming to spend time in. This means incorporating personal touches that reflect the owner’s personality. For modern bathrooms, this could mean adding a dip-painted towel ladder or a framed photo or painting. It also means incorporating storage solutions to keep the space organized and user friendly. Adding a built-in storage cabinet behind the shower is one way to do this. Another option is to incorporate open shelves or a chest of drawers.

If you’re looking to give your bathroom a clean and simple style, consider combining a tub and shower into one space like this beautiful wet room by M House. You’ll notice many of the classic elements of modern design in this bathroom, including simple geometric shapes, neutral or basic colors, and little decorative flourishes.

When it comes to choosing finishes for your bathroom, look beyond the typical silver-toned metals like chrome and stainless steel to opt for brass and bronze instead. These golden tones are more visually appealing than stainless steel and have a warmth that works well in modern spaces. In addition, they hide water spotting and fingerprints more easily than bare chrome does.

For a more eclectic vibe, consider mixing vintage and modern bathroom ideas in a single space. This is a great option for people who love both styles and want to create a cohesive and sophisticated look. Knocking out walls to open up the space can also be a great way to do this. Just be sure to include separate nooks for the sink, toilet and shower if you prefer to maintain some separation between your bath and bedroom.

5. Marble

Marble isn’t just a classic countertop material, but can also be used to create stunning wall tile designs. This natural stone is available in a range of colors, from cool neutrals to rich shades of blue and green, as well as dramatic veining and speckling. These details can add a touch of luxury to any bathroom renovations project, creating a look that is both elegant and contemporary.

Marble has been popular for building and statues since the ancient Greeks, and it continues to make a beautiful accent in modern home design. The natural lines and lustrous finish of this metamorphic rock create a striking surface that is easy to match with a wide variety of decor styles.

While marble is an expensive and heavy material, it can be more cost-effective to use a manufactured alternative for your counters or other surfaces. Engineered marble has a similar appearance to natural stone, but is much less costly and easier to clean. This durable material is a great option for busy homes that require low-maintenance surfaces.

When it comes to choosing a color scheme for your marble countertops or other surfaces, opt for shades that are neutral and calming, like the taupe-colored slabs used in this bathroom designed by Kristin Fine. The stone complements the brushed nickel cabinet knobs and chrome fixtures for an elegant, balanced design.

The modern, warm wood-and-marble combo in this bathroom designed by Homepolish designer Erika Yeaman is a perfect example of how modern style can combine beautifully with traditional materials and features. The textured wooden stool, jute bath mat, potted plant, woven pendant, and herb sprigs create an organic yet sophisticated feel in this bathroom renovations, which is offset by the dark marble floors and walls, oversized mirror that reaches to the ceiling, and all-white vanity.