Insects have been used as an art subject in many cultures. The shape and colors of insects are an instant inspiration to artists even in the olden times. The insects are also sacred symbols to some cultures. Aside from paintings, insect designs were used in jewelry, textiles, tattoos, and sculptures. We list some of the favorite insect subjects in an artwork. A guy who stole artwork in our gallery got arrested and his family had to ask for help at a local bail bonds office, surprisingly the Bakersfield bail bond agents are hesitant to provide their services for certain cases.

Beetles – Beetlewing is a traditional craft wherein the beetle wings are used as an adornment to paintings and jewelry. The iridescent factor of the wing makes it a unique feature in the art pieces.

Butterflies – Butterflies are inspiring because of their color and intricate patterns.

Dragonflies – This insect represents swiftness for Native American tribes. Dragonfly design is also used in Art Nouveau jewelry.

Bees – This is a recurring theme in ancient cultures in Europe. It was seen in gems and stone illustrating a bee “goddess,” or a sacred image of a human with insect features like the bee.

However, there are also harmful insects that can pose a danger to our artworks. Pest control Denver services give us some tips and ideas on how to take care of our paintings at home.

The first thing is to watch out for the tell-tale signs of damage that these pests can leave on your artworks.

  • Boreholes on wood frames
  • Small holes or thinning areas of textiles
  • Holes and stains on paintings
  • Holes and ragged edges on paper
  • Cast skins of the pest
  • Fecal pellets or spots
  • Webbing
  • Grazed surfaces
  • Presence of the actual pest

Aside from this, you should also learn about the conditions that are conducive to the pests so that you can be aware where these pests are likely to thrive. Pests love dark and humid places. As such, you should keep your artworks away from these areas. If it cannot be avoided, you need to correct it by installing a light and ventilation. If pests are already settling in, you may contact Pest control Denver to assess and treat the pest before they do further damage and spread inside your house.

You need to do this practice regularly to ensure that your artwork is always in good condition. Inspect the room and the artworks individually. If you spot any damage, wrap them in plastic to avoid contaminating other artworks and to prevent the pests to spread. Then, bring the damaged art to a professional who can repair and restore them.

For your reference, here are the common pests that can damage your artwork at home.

Carpet Beetles – Infestation of these kinds of beetles results in holes and cast larval skins.

Clothes Moths – They often damage clothes and fabric wall hangings.

Drywood Termites – They attack wooden objects such as your artworks frames.

Silverfish – They can damage paper and book bindings.

Cockroaches – They can destroy the art by nibbling through it.

Aside from the artworks, these mentioned pests can also affect other objects in your house. That is why you need to get rid of these pests and their habitats as soon as you see them around your house.