During my vacation, I was called by the owner of the building where my studio was located and got terrible news. My plan of getting right back to work upon returning is no longer possible, as the place was tented for treatment, it seems like one of the tenants were storing a few things that attracted unwelcome guests. I was able to phone the Pest Control Company Gary, but it looks like there is no way in to get any of my tools and materials, and I am stuck with the sketchpad I brought with me when I get home. Check this site https://bailbondsinsandiego.wordpress.com

This is a lesson learned for me; I have made my studio my only place of work, and my home a place to rest. Apart from a few drawing materials, there isn’t much to work with back home, though they should be enough to tie me over. Perhaps this is the best time for me to seriously extend into digital art, something I have dabbled in but not seriously pursued, but nothing beats the feeling of a brush on your hand and the smell of paint on canvas. I might be a bit archaic for a young artist, but it’s just the way I make my artwork.