Planning a funeral is an important part of a person’s life. It is the last thing that a person wants to think about. While preparing for a loved one’s funeral, it’s also an opportunity to share your personal values with those who will be attending the service.

It is a common practice to include hymns in the ceremony, and they can range in tone from traditional and happy to traditional and downright dark. If your loved one was a Christian, there are hymns that can be included in the service, as they are generally used as a symbol of faith in God and trust in Heaven.

Essentials to Remember When Planning a Funeral

When planning a funeral, you must decide who will be pallbearers and who will deliver the eulogy. Many people rely on a clergy representative to do this task, but you have the option to write a eulogy. Another important decision is who will drive the deceased’s body home. To plan a funeral in such a smooth way, you can use this informative guide.

If you can’t drive, don’t drive them; it will be very difficult for them. If you’re not the only person responsible for getting everyone to the funeral, you can ask friends and family to help. Alternatively, you can also ask for the help of relatives at the post-funeral gathering.

There are seven elements of a funeral that you can personalize. For example, you can choose to have a big band to play at the service or display the deceased’s quilts. You can also include a reading from the deceased’s favorite book.

Keeping Your Loved One at the Center of it All

It is important to know what your loved one enjoyed. By knowing this, you can make sure that your loved one’s wishes are honored. You can even personalize a funeral eulogy. If you choose to have a celebrant in the service, make sure that you know what kind of music you want.

If your loved one was a religious person, consider choosing hymns and bible passages that were significant to them. If you were not religious, you can choose more modern music like rock songs. Regardless of your religious beliefs, you can have a memorable memorial service.

If you’d like to have more personal touches, you’re free to be creative. The funeral can be personalized or elaborate. The person who leads the service will usually say something about the deceased, or a close friend. Oftentimes, you can include passages and poetry from the deceased.

Depending on the size of the funeral, you can have several people speak in the service, including family and friends. You can also make arrangements for a televised memorial. If you want to have a live stream at the service, you can ask the family members to attend the service.

Creating a Guided List for Your Plan

In order to plan a funeral, you must make a list of all of the items you need. This way, you can ensure everything is organized and completed properly. The checklist will contain the goods and services that you need. The list is in no particular order and will vary.

You may also include additional details such as the date, time, and place. The checklist will give you a general idea of how to arrange for the funeral. In addition to choosing a date, you can also choose a location for the service. The location of the service is an important consideration, as well as the type of flowers.

In some cases, the service is held in a church or cemetery. In other cases, you can choose a location outside of the city or region and have a beachside memorial. The final thing is to decide whether you’ll have a memorial that is meaningful and suitable.


When it’s time to plan the funeral, you’ll need to decide who will be a pallbearer and who will deliver the eulogy. If you’re not a religious person, you can rely on the assistance of a clergy representative.

For those who prefer to use technology, an app called Ever plan can be a convenient way to store and update your funeral plans. Moreover, Ever plan allows you to share your funeral plan with trusted deputies.