Fireplaces add warmth and ambience to a home while creating an eye-catching focal point that grabs everyone’s attention. Therefore, it’s essential that the fireplace you select fits seamlessly with your overall aesthetic.

Refreshing an outdated fireplace doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive – here are creative yet economical ideas for remodeling that could give it new life!

Add a Mantel

If your fireplace is old and outdated, having a fireplace remodel and updating its surround can be an easy way to give your home a facelift. Going all-out and adding a mantel can give the room a focal point while making it feel larger; additionally, this focal point offers space to display decor or family photos.

Installing tile or stone over the existing hearth and surround of your fireplace is an easy and cost-effective way to update it, creating a classic yet modern aesthetic. Plus, different materials may give it even more flair!

If you own a brick fireplace, reviving its look with paint or mortar can make for an exciting weekend project. Your options for style and color choices are limitless when selecting paint. Choose one that compliments the rest of your decor for optimal results. Alternatively, faux mortar walls give fireplaces a modern, eye-catching aesthetic without painting being required – great way to complete this look quickly!

Natural stone facades make an elegant choice for any fireplace surround, and make an easy addition to almost any space in the home, be it rustic or contemporary. If your budget does not allow for this luxury material option, manufactured alternatives may still provide high-end looks to complete your fireplace design.

Once you are ready to install, use a stud finder and mark where your mantel should sit on the wall before using a level to ensure its straight across top of wall.

Once measurements are set, cut edge pieces of lumber for your mantel with a miter saw and sand them down to make for easier painting or staining. After this step is completed, assemble all pieces to form a rectangular shelf using wood glue and nail gun attachment.

Add a Screen

No matter, if it’s to keep children and animals safe or simply create an airier space, adding a fireplace screen, is an easy way to make any living room more welcoming and reduce smoke that comes back into the room during downdrafts while stopping embers from falling onto the floor.

Home fireplace screens come in various styles. If you want something customized specifically to your space, or are building one yourself, the materials needed can easily be found or you can build one yourself. A sturdy metal frame, rods that can support the weight of curtain (or wire), screen material and decorative rings will all be necessary. Drill holes at either side of your fireplace before screwing on rods with their last rings lined up with center bracket. Run rods through rings on top for attachment using hook or swivel clips at their respective top.

A fire screen can instantly upgrade the appearance of your fireplace and enhance its overall design, adding texture, color, and depth. Choose a color or pattern that complements existing elements like metal mantels for a cohesive design scheme. For something modern and sleek try metallic finishes or geometric patterns; glass, ceramic or stone fire screens also add depth as well as texture with their textural surfaces that add visual depth and subtle hints of hues in each space.

If you want to add an updated look to your brick fireplace without completely remodelling it, dry brushing can give it a whole new life. It is an affordable and quick project which can give your fireplace new life!

An effective way to give any fireplace an updated look is with custom mantels or wall decorations. There are endless possibilities online or at local home improvement stores – from vintage doors turned into mantels to rustic wooden beams suspended over the hearth.

Addition of an original piece of artwork or chandelier can elevate the aesthetic of your fireplace and take its look further. When selecting decorations for your fireplace, be mindful of its fit with your room and its overall design aesthetic, but allow a little creativity come through – it can make decorating so much fun!

Add a Backsplash

Backsplashes add a distinct design element that can transform the hearth into an impressive focal point. Backsplash tiles come in many colors, textures, and finishes to suit any style from classic to modern.

If you’re going for a contemporary feel, glass tiles offer sleek shine to a space. Or opt for more rustic natural stone tiles full of character and personality; or there are numerous shapes available like hexagon tiles seen here or the white herringbone backsplash stick tile that gives this fireplace more rustic aesthetics.

An attractive backsplash is an economical way to give your fireplace a unique new look, be it with simple changes or replacing its mantel entirely.

To create a classic look, consider choosing tiles reminiscent of marble or granite. If you don’t want to commit to permanent change, try installing beige marble stone peel and stick backsplash tile instead; its eye-catching style makes installation simple while complimenting any decor scheme.

Another solution for an outdated fireplace surround is painting it. If the brick has become stained or peeling, a fresh coat of paint can completely alter its look – it’s also quick and straightforward enough that either an electric or gas fireplace could work just as easily for this project!

If you need help painting brick, House of Hepworths’ tutorial offers tips and tricks. This method makes painting simpler for anyone hoping to give their fireplace a facelift but concerned about potential messiness.

If you have high ceilings, why not create the illusion of a larger room by lengthening your fireplace using floor-to-ceiling tile to make the room appear bigger? This DIY fireplace addition takes advantage of vaulted ceilings to form an unconventional shape; while its dark roman clay tile really makes an impactful statement.

Add Lighting

Since time immemorial, families and loved ones have gathered around a cozy fireplace. Now, with alternative lighting solutions like candles, fairy lights or seasonal displays you can recreate that same inviting, comfortable feeling without kindling or soot.

Paint can be an affordable and straightforward way to rejuvenate your fireplace, whether it’s making it the focal point or keeping it subtle so the natural brick texture shines through.

If you want a dramatic makeover, opt for a textured or faux finish – this adds depth and dimension while remaining classic.

Change up the look of your fireplace by switching out its tiles for something completely different. Tiles come in all styles and colors to fit into any design scheme; just find something that complements it perfectly! Some homeowners also opt to replace their hearth entirely, such as using organic, earthy-feel ledgestone veneer tiles like those seen here to give their hearth a different aesthetic altogether.

As well as refinishing and retiling, uplighting can drastically transform the way your fireplace appears by accentuating existing brickwork and surrounding details while simultaneously creating an inviting ambience in your living space.

If your fireplace is located outdoors, it’s essential that landscaping be taken into account as well. Installing outdoor lighting can draw attention to the area without interfering with its safety features or hardscape design.

Hanging a television above your fireplace can quickly transform it into an entertainment center and highlight it, but be careful with how many items are displayed over its mantel. Too many decorations can quickly overrun a space and lead to clutter and disorganization. Build bookshelves alongside your fireplace for extra display space of trinkets and accessories.