Officially speaking, the smartphone repair business only provides limited post-sales service. In fact, there are only two (2) main companies that provide repair services for smartphones.

And, while the process of having your smartphone repaired is still complicated and lengthy, at least you have your smartphone to look at during the entire process. But, if your smartphone breaks overseas, you won’t have a clue what is going on. What to do?

The first option you have is to contact the android repair service provider to send an international technician over to look at your smartphone. Since you’ll be paying for the service, it will definitely be worth your while to get it fixed.

The bad news is, however, that the majority of companies in the market won’t offer assistance outside of the country where they operate. If your smartphone is out of warranty or broken beyond repair, this isn’t going to help you very much.

This brings us to the second most popular method used by people seeking smartphone repair services: disassembling and sending the broken piece back to their manufacturer. Most mobile device manufacturers offer a replacement model for their smartphones in other countries.

The problem is, most people who need these replacement models don’t know how to open, clean, and return them. This leads to the second most common problem with smartphone repairs: a cracked screen.

While it’s true that most companies can easily repair a broken screen, it can be frustrating to deal with a company that doesn’t have the expertise to replace your screen. Fortunately, it’s much easier to get in touch with a specialist for a more thorough and technical repair of your smartphone’s broken screen.

Smartphone repair companies that specialize in mobile devices understand the technicalities of smartphones that aren’t sold in the country you live in. The best part about it is that these experts are also trained to give you the confidence you need when choosing a mobile repair service.

They will be able to assess your device’s damages and tell you if you’re going to be able to fix it yourself or if it needs to be sent to the professionals for repair. One common issue with cracked screens is that they can get really unsightly if they’re not properly dealt with.

Fortunately, most repair services will be able to use high-tech tools to fix the damage. If they can’t, the specialists will be able to take photographs showing you how to fix the problem. You can then get back to your everyday activities while the specialists continue to work on your device.

The most common repairs to smartphones that don’t require you to head to the professionals include softening the glass and sanding it down. This can be done by adding some silicone or some other kind of sealant to the surface.

It can also help if you take off your SIM card before performing this process to prevent any damage to your phone. Once you’ve successfully performed these two simple steps, your device should be back to normal in no time. We recommend that you reach out to Star Labs Repair for clearer instructions and to get expert service.

Another common repair for smartphones involves getting the motherboard repaired. The component in your smartphone is basically the brain of the gadget, so getting the motherboard fixed means that you’ll also get the device working as well as new again.

Some specialists will even be able to replace the faulty motherboard with a new one that will fit your smartphone perfectly. This is an essential part of smartphone repair, so if you experience trouble with your smartphone’s motherboard, don’t ignore it and find a reliable technician to help you.

The display screen is another area where you might need to seek out smartphone repairs. LCD screens are not cheap to replace and if they break, your smartphone won’t function again. Luckily, there are several ways to repair damaged LCD screens.

A lot of repair companies will be able to perform chip replacement, so all you have to do is provide them with the model and brand of your smartphone. Some specialists will even be able to replace the glass from the screen with a new one for free. Whatever you do, don’t neglect these two areas if you’re facing smartphone repairs.