What to Do with a Art Degree

Most of the time, when someone graduates with a Biology degree, others will assume he/she will enter into the medical profession as a doctor. So did I! I once planned on becoming a doctor, along with my friends in the Biology program at UC Irvine, but in the end, only a few of us ended up as doctors. What different paths we all ended up taking! You might likewise be in the same situation we once were. You might think that you ARE going to be a doctor…or you might realize that you don’t want to be become a doctor, and are wondering what you can do.
Here are some options for you to consider, based on real-life professions that my friends and I have ended up going into…all with the same Art degree. Each career below lists some benefits as well as downfalls to each of the professions, so that you can get a clear idea of what you’ll possibly be getting into.

1. Medical Doctor: Of course, if you DO plan on becoming a doctor…

One of my friends is currently working as an resident in Pediatric Rehabilitation at Loma Linda University Medical Center. She went through 4 years at UC Irvine, graduating with a B.S. in Neurobiology, took a year off to work at an outpatient surgery center assisting doctors, and spent another 4 years at Loma Linda Medical going through medical school. She is currently in her first year as a resident in the Pediatric Rehab program at Loma Linda. She loves her job because she can work with children, and that “it’s a privilege to be able to share very intimate information so you can help them whey they are most vulnerable and sick”. She also had the opportunity as a medical student to travel overseas and provide medical care to a village in Thailand that did not have access to regular medical care, and enjoys being able to teach her young patients about their bodies and how to use things, such as a stethoscope, to learn about themselves. Another friend also is a resident at a Kaiser Permanente hospital, after earning his B.S. in Biological Sciences at UCI, spending a year off after that to work in a lab for the city, and then spending another 4 years at the Chicago Medical School before spending a few years in residency at Kaiser Permanente.… Read the rest


Five Great Art Ideas for Physicists or Physics Majors

What kind of gift to give a physicist or physics major? It’s not an easy question to answer. Many of the scientific minded people live in part in their own little world of subatomic particles and numbers. Here are some ideas that are out of the ordinary. Need something unique or different? You may find some good ideas here.

Scientific American Cruise

One or two cruises are offered in conjunction with Scientific American each year. Each cruise features lectures on a variety of topics. The upcoming fall 2010 cruise even includes a tour of the large hadron collider in CERN. What better gift could you give a physics geek than this?

“The Big Bang Theory” TV series on DVD.

The character of Sheldon Cooper, uber geek physicist, Leonard, Penny and their friends are hilarious. Sheldon is a geek trapped in a world he never made and can barely understand. This is truly a unique show and your physics geek is sure to get hours of laughs. Must viewing for geeks.

The Richard Feynman Lectures on Physics

Legendary physicist Richard Feynman produced a series of famous lectures coring nearly every aspect of physics. These lectures are available on a series of separate CDs. You could get them all or focus just on specific topics of interest to your physicist.

Science Humor Gifts from


alien kitty


Cafepress is a print on demand website where independent designers offer their designs on gifts and clothing. Literally thousands of designs are available for physicists and other scientists. Since these items are not mass marketed you can get your physics geek something fairly unique. Items range from custom underwear to t-shirts to mugs and posters.

A Subscription to Physics Today Magazine

Published by The American Institute of Physics this is a gift that will continue giving all year long. Your physicist will be able to keep abreast of developments in many areas of physics.

The Quantum Tarot

Here’s a unique gift: a tarot deck that incorporates the principles of relativity and quantum mechanics into a tarot deck. New Agers claim that physics has been proving their beliefs in higher planes of existence and such. Now, with this deck, your physicist can give new age scrying a try.… Read the rest

What You Need To Know About Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage companies choose to spend their brokers in an assortment of ways. Some mortgage brokers receive wages based on their efficiency and expertise. Others get a % of the mortgages they lend to clientele. Finding out how mortgage brokers get paid can enable you to choose a professional that meets your requirements best.

Front-End and also Back End Compensation

Many mortgage brokers get paid out through the commission. That means they receive a little slice of the mortgages they promote to clients.

There are, nonetheless, 2 main methods for mortgage brokers being paid out through the commission.

Front-end compensation uses various charges to ensure the agent gets paid. These charges come from the borrower. In reality, borrowers are able to request itemized lists showing what costs they’ve paid the broker. A specialist should not balk at such a petition. It is entirely reasonable for borrowers to need to know exactly where their money goes.

Mortgage Brokers Several of the charges that pay the agent is called:

• factory fee
• processing fee
• origination fee
• underwriting fee

These’re the costs that mortgage brokers generally relate to as “points.” They could have names that are unique from those mentioned above, though they still spend the broker for his or maybe her job.

Back-end compensation originates from the lender, not the borrower.

The compensation’s amount generally depends upon the mortgage’s interest rate. Basically, lenders provide brokers access to their goods at prices that are affordable. The brokers then talk with the borrower to obtain the highest number possible. After the deal have been made, the lender pays the mortgage agent the big difference between the last interest rate as well as the initial.

To think of this a bit simpler to know, imagine a bank which provides brokers entry to mortgages with 5 % interest rates. The broker offers the mortgage to some borrower for 7 %. That suggests the broker makes 2 %.

2 % may not seem like very much, but it quickly accumulates when selling homes and commercial real estate which can easily cost you a huge selection of a huge number of dollars. In case you buy a $250,000 home at 7 % on a 30-year mortgage (and the agent got the mortgage at 5 %), then he or maybe she makes approximately $115,000 in the sale.

Of course, not every single agent is able to manage to boost … Read the rest